For safety services or materials, call Greg Burkhart, CHST at 419-241-3601.

Drug Free Workplace Program

Our industry’s Drug Free Workplace Program is administered by M.O.S.T. Visit and input GLCA into search box. GLCA stands for Great Lakes Construction Alliance, a tripartite organization which addresses our local industry’s safety issues, including our Drug Free Workplace Program.

See Something, Say Something, Save Someone

Have you ever wondered how you can improve Safety at your company? Would you like to improve your Union relations? Are you interested in saving more money? Download the PDF below.

Safety Supplies

The following items are for sale through AGCNWO. Contact Greg at (419) 241-3601.

Construction Safety and Health Resource Guide

  • Easy to read and understand quick reference to go along with the OSHA 1926
  • Includes standard summaries as well as guides and charts of best practice
  • Employee sign off page to use as orientation book
  • Covers all of the OSHA 1926 standards most important parts
  • $12 for Non-members, $8 for members

Federal and State OSHA compliance posters

  • Includes both federal and state
  • Has all of the posters of USERRA, Wage and Hour, OSHA, etc.
  • Large format for jobsite trailers or shops
  • $8 for the pair of posters

OSHA 1926 Code Books

  • Current every January and July
  • Used as supervision “Bible”
  • Member pricing saves substantially
  • $30 for Non-members, $20 for members

See Something, Say Something, Save Someone

  • Jobsite and shop safety training program of 5 different safety talks
  • Can be presented to all workers either in 1 week or over 5 weeks
  • Unites the Union Building trades as well as promoting safety
  • Promotes relationships with all of the trades
  • Includes hard hat stickers and gang box stickers.
  • FREE

Prescription Safety Glass Program

  • Uses group buying power of membership for a substantial saving
  • Provides employee the ability to get Prescription Safety Glasses an eye exam at any
    reputable place
  • Glasses can be used as work or personal use as the side shields detach
  • FREE program

AGC of America Resources, such as Tool Box Safety Talks for Construction

  • CD of common and somewhat generic safety talks
  • Easily printable and flexible in topics can be used as needed
  • Customizable to contractors
  • $225

Worksite Safety Orientation Video

  • Video or DVD highlighting working safe in construction
  • Discusses OSHA and how employees must be safe at work
  • Extensive topic use as employee new hire training for generic safety training
  • $199

Published Articles

Monthly Industry Safety Committee

AGCNWO Safety Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month at 11:30 a.m. in the Safety Training Classroom, located in the basement of our offices on Collingwood Boulevard. All are welcome to gather and share information, which makes our region the safest place to build. Participants have included heavy hitters such as:

  • AA Boos: Larry Nearhood
  • Dunbar Mechanical: Dan Worstein and Jim Sibrel
  • Eastman and Smith: James Yates
  • Henry Gurtzweiler: Chuck Sawey
  • IPS: Bill Norris
  • Lakeside Interiors: Randy Hayes
  • Mosser Construction: Rick Sentle and Bobby Bassinger
  • OCP: Pete Paskiet (Chairman)
  • RMF Nooter: C.J. Hyndman
  • Rudolph Libbe: Mark Hoffman and Neil Smith
  • Spieker Co: Babette Burnett (past Chairman)
  • VM Systems: Jeff King (past Chairman)
  • US Utilities: Lenny Schramm