Why Join?

Approximate dollar value of membership is difficult to quantify, but consider these important benefits:


Our members are leaders in our industry who support these purposes of AGC NW Ohio:

  • promote fair and honorable dealings,
  • work to develop good relations between members and their employees, provide safe working conditions, and promote safe work practices,
  • advance unrestricted access to all construction markets to permit qualified contractors to pursue work competitively,
  • help to stimulate new construction markets.

Save Money with Access to Information and Facilitation

  • A call or email to AGC NW OH staff members saves hours and money and helps eliminate costly mistakes. We can answer many of the questions you have, and source hard-to-find information, so you and your staff can focus on your core businesses. The volume of calls into AGC staff is strong; are you getting your share of this benefit?
  • Subcommittee accounting, coordination and facilitation is handled by AGC NW Ohio staff, enabling labor and management participants to focus on their key duties. Subcommittees include:
    • Apprenticeships
    • Healthcare Funds
    • Labor Management Cooperation Committees
    • Negotiating Committees
    • Pension and Retirement Funds
    • Safety
    • Workforce Development

Peer Support and Networking

Peer support and networking is an important component of any membership organization. As a member firm, you have the benefit of AGC NW Ohio’s 85 years of experience representing the interests of the construction industry. In addition, your membership in AGC of NW Ohio provides you with access to our greatest resource: other members.

Advocacy and Influence

Our AGC AGC NW Ohio signatory contractors employ approximately 11,000 professionals via over 350 employers; AGC NW Ohio has shown that the activation of its members can and does impact elections and public policy, keeping construction at the forefront of economic growth. As an AGC NW Ohio member you will have access to and can contribute toward this influence.

We are engaged in many entities related to our local construction industry including, but not limited to

  • Great Lakes Construction Alliance (GLCA)
  • Local governments
  • Northwest Ohio Mayors and Managers Association (NOMMA)
  • Northwest Ohio Regional Economic Development (NORED)
  • Oregon Economic Development Foundation (OEDF)
  • Toledo Regional Architects, Contractors and Engineers (TRACE)
  • Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Toledo Regional Growth Partnership (RGP)
  • Wood County Economic Development Corp. (WCEDC)

Future Direction

AGC NW Ohio has a significant impact on our local construction industry’s future. As a member-run organization, this means each member plays an important role in making policy decisions which formulate our local agenda.

How Do I Join?

To become a member of AGC of NW Ohio, please contact Pam Mohler, Director of Member Services at 419-241-3601. You also may email her at pmohler@agcnwo.com.

Membership pricing:

$100 for Local General Contractors

$200 for Local Sub-Contractors (Associate Members) or Visiting General Contractors

$300 for Businesses who provide support services (Affiliate Members)