2020 Annual Meeting January 21 at The Heights

Thanks to all of you who took the time to attend our 2020 Annual Member Meeting at The Heights on January 21. This event marked our largest attendance at a member meeting in five years and it was a great night for networking and connecting with industry peers.

At that meeting, the following AGCNWO Board of Trustees Officers were elected:

  • President: Jeff Schaller of Rudolph Libbe Group
  • Vice President: Ray Benjamin of The Lathrop Company
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Matt Vander Hooven of OCP Contractors

During the meeting we also had a chance to say thank you to our outgoing President, Ken Gabel of VM Systems, Inc. Ken led the board during a time of great transition, as we lost former CEO and General Counsel Kevin X. Smith in 2018. He also was at the helm when the Toledo region was named the fifth-largest commercial construction market in the country.

During the meeting, the following were re-elected to serve on the AGCNWO Board of Trustees:

  • Jake Josias of RMF Nooter
  • Jeff Schaller of Rudolph Libbe Group
  • Ken Gabel of VM Systems, Inc.