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Business Name Phone Category Address City State Zip Description Website
A. A. BOOS & SONS, INC. Signatory 419.691.2329 General 2015 PICKLE ROAD OREGON OH 43616 General Contractor http://WWW.AABOOS.COM
ANDERZACK-PITZEN CONSTRUCTION, INC. Signatory 419.644.2111 General 424 EAST MAIN STREET METAMORA OH 43540 General Contractor http://WWW.WECANDIGIT.COM
BLACK SWAMP STEEL Signatory 419.867.8050 Associate 1761 COMMERCE ROAD HOLLAND OH 43528 Steel Erection Contractor http://WWW.BLACKSWAMPSTEEL.COM
BOWSER MORNER, INC. 419.691.4800 Affiliate 1419 MIAMI STREET TOLEDO OH 43696 Field/Laboratory Testing http://WWW.BOWSER-MORNER.COM
BRINT ELECTRIC, INC. Signatory 419.841.3326 Associate 7825 WEST CENTRAL AVENUE TOLEDO OH 43617 Electric Contractor http://WWW.BRINTELECTRIC.COM
CHAS E. PHIPPS 419-874-0033 Affiliate 12450 Williams Road Perrysburg OH 43551 Materials Supplier
COMTE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Signatory 419.241.3254 General 912 NORTH SUMMIT STREET TOLEDO OH 43604 General Contractor
COYLE MECHANICAL, INC. 419-729-3007 Associate 940 Matzinger Road Toledo OH 43612 Coyle Mechanical, Inc. is a plumbing and heating contractor.
CRESTLINE PAVING & EXCAVATING CO. Signatory 419-536-8229 Associate 1913 Nebraska Avenue Toledo OH 43607 Our capabilities include new road construction, road reconstruction, pavement repairs, milling, waterlines of all sizes, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, horizontal auger boring, box culvert bridges, vertical shafts in excess of 70 feet deep, equipment rental and material recycling, just to name a few.
DBP COMPANIES, INC. Signatory 419.865.6171 Associate P. O. BOX 1209 HOLLAND OH 43528 Mechanical/HVAC Contractor
DUFFEY CONCRETE CUTTING, INC. Signatory 419-241-1010 Associate 611 Daniels Avenue Toledo OH 43609 Duffey Concrete Cutting has the personnel, equipment and reputation for quality needed for all of your concrete cutting and core drilling requirements. For more than three decades, Duffey Concrete Cutting has provided Northwest Ohio with the most advanced, cost-effective and on-time service of its' kind. They are a full-service specialty contractor for walls, floors, roads, bridges, dams, airport runways, hospitals, office buildings, factories and more. No job is beyond our capabilities.

Duffey manpower and equipment guarantee a quick and dependable response to your concrete cutting and drilling needs. Their thoroughly trained operators make up a dedicated workforce that performs all the tasks in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.
DUNBAR MECHANICAL, INC. Signatory 419.537.1900 Associate 2806 NORTH REYNOLDS ROAD TOLEDO OH 43615 Mechanical Contractor http://WWW.DUNBARMECHANICAL.COM
E.S.WAGNER CO. Signatory 419-691-8651 Associate 840 Patchen Road Oregon Oh 43616 From an ambitious local partnership concentrated in northwest Ohio, to a multi-million dollar contractor with offices in Ohio, South Carolina, and North Carolina, E.S. Wagner Company has become a contractor of choice. We have successfully provided both public and private owners with work that has met their needs and exceeded their expectations. Moreover, our business partners have included some of the most prestigious engineering, architectural and construction firms in the United States.
FLATROCK BRIDGE GROUP Signatory 419-794-0098 Associate 1700 Woodlands Drive Maumee OH 43537 Flatrock Bridge Group formed in October of 2017. The company began bidding on work in June of 2018. We proudly partner with other contractors to complete your next bridge project on time and on budget. No matter what project we are working on, here is what we want most for our general contractors: We want them to feel confident in our work, we want them to be supported by us during the project and we want them to be satisfied with the completed work.
FOUNDATION STEEL Signatory 419.402.4241 Associate P. O. BOX 210 SWANTON OH 43558 Steel Erection Contractor http://WWW.FOUNDATIONSTEEL.NET
FRED CHRISTEN & SONS CO. Signatory 419-243-4161 Associate 714 George Street Toledo OH 43608 Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractor
G&G SAFETY SUPPLY 419-205-9171 Affiliate 1855 S. Reynolds Road, Ste D Toledo OH 43614 Safety supplier
GARDNER CORPORATION Signatory 419.389.0768 Associate 823 WAREHOUSE ROAD TOLEDO OH 43615 Concrete Contractor
GEM, INC. Signatory 419.666.6554 Associate 6846 COMMODORE DRIVE WALBRIDGE OH 43465 Mechanical/Electrical/Erection Contractor http://WWW.GEMINCORPORATED.COM
GERKEN PAVING, INC. Signatory 419-533-6393 Associate 9072 County Road 424 Napoleon OH 43545 Gerken Paving, Inc. is a family business dating back several decades. A division of The Gerken Company, it provides asphalt and aggregates as well as performing high quality paving work.
GILMORE, JASION & MAHLER, LTD 419.794.2000 Affiliate 1715 INDIAN WOOD CIRCLE #100 MAUMEE OH 43537 Accounting Firm http://WWW.GJMLTD.COM
GROUND FLOOR CONTRACTORS Signatory 419-410-6276 Associate 8534 W. Central Ave. Sylvania OH 43560 Ground Floor Contractors was created to take key experience and relationships to deliver consistent results for our customers. Flooring and concrete treatments have always been a secondary focus in the construction process for General Contractors and for us, they are primary. The company started with two project managers and two foreman who know how to deliver great results but wanted to have a company with a primary focus that was flooring and nothing else.
GROUND PENETRATING RADAR SYSTEMS, INC. 419-843-9804 Affiliate 7540 New West Road Toledo OH 43617 Founded in 2001, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. provides scanning and location services.
GRUNWELL-CASHERO COMPANY Signatory 419.476.2426 Associate 5212 TRACTOR ROAD TOLEDO OH 43612 Building Restoration http://WWW.GCBUILDINGRESTORATION.COM
HENRY GURTZWEILER INC. Signatory 419.729.3955 Associate 921 GALENA STREET TOLEDO OH 43611 Steel Erection Contractor http://WWW.OHIOSTEELERECTORS.COM
HYLANT GROUP 419.255.2010 Affiliate 811 MADISON AVENUE TOLEDO OH 43603 Insurance Company http://WWW.HYLANT.COM
IPS – INDUSTRIAL POWER SYSTEMS, INC. Signatory 419.531.3121 General 146 DIXIE HIGHWAY ROSSFORD OH 43460 Mechanical/General Contractor
IVY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, LLC. Signatory 419-466-0337 Associate PO Box 80274 Toledo OH 43608 Ivy Development Agency, LLC furnishes and installs concrete reinforcing steel, develops and oversees diversity/community inclusion programs and manages construction contracts for owners and subcontractors.

The group targets projects planned by private organizations and Federal, state and local government agencies and universities. They are a certified Minority Buisness Enterprise (MBE) and a Disadvantage Business Enterprise by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Ohio Department of Transportation, City of Toledo and the Ohio Turnpike Commission.
KUHLMAN CORPORATION Signatory 419.897.6000 Affiliate 1845 INDIAN WOOD CIRCLE MAUMEE OH 43537 Concrete and Building Supply Company HTTP://WWW.KUHLMAN-CORP.COM
LAIBE ELECTRIC/TECHNOLOGY Signatory 419.531.4251 Associate 404 NORTH BYRNE ROAD TOLEDO OH 43607 Electric Contractor http://WWW.LAIBE.COM
LAKESIDE INTERIOR CONTRACTORS Signatory 419.867.1300 General 26970 ECKEL ROAD PERRYSBURG OH 43551 Interior Contractor http://LAKESIDEINTERIOR.COM
MILLER DIVERSIFIED CONSTRUCTION CO. Signatory 419.867.9119 Associate 1656 Henthorne Drive, Ste. 100 MAUMEE OH 43537 http://WWW.MILLERDIVERSIFIED.COM
OCP CONTRACTORS Signatory 419.865.7168 General 1740 COMMERCE ROAD HOLLAND OH 43528 Interior Contractor http://WWW.OCP-CONTRACTORS.COM
OHIO CONCRETE SAWING & DRILLING Signatory 419-841-1330 Associate 8534 W. Central Avenue Sylvania Oh 43560 In the last 15 years, we at Ohio Concrete have been proactive in our efforts to respond to both the volatile economic climate and the changing construction industry. These efforts have included the following:

*Conversion of some of the hydraulic systems in order to utilize more environmentally friendly fluids.
*Addition of high cycle equipment to eliminate the need for hydraulics in most cases. Each branch should be equipment with setups near the end of next year.
*Broadening of services in order to offer concrete polishing, flooring preparation, electric interior excavation, and wire sawing - since these services allow us to meet more of the needs of our customer base
*Creation of industry-specific training programs for safety and operation
*Extensive Silica Compliance with medical testing and additional training to ensure your job site remains safe
OKULEY HVAC and METAL FABRICATION INC. Signatory 419-478-4699 Associate 50 W. Sylvania Toledo OH 43612 HVAC Supply and Fabrication
RCO Law 419.249.7900 Affiliate FOUR SEAGATE, 9TH FLOOR TOLEDO OH 43604 Law Firm http://WWW.RCOLAW.COM
RELIABLE DRUG TESTING CLINIC 419-517-1027 Affiliate 7610 New West Road Toledo OH 43617 Reliable Drug Testing Clinic was started in 2010 and incorporated in 2011. Services include drug & alcohol testing, health assessments, DOT physicals, pulmonary function tests, audiometric tests, TB tests, x-rays, respirator mask fits, titers and other lab-based tests.
RMF NOOTER, INC. Signatory 419.727.1970 General 915 MATZINGER ROAD TOLEDO OH 43612 Mechanical Contractor http://WWW.RMFNOOTER.COM
RUDOLPH LIBBE INC. Signatory 419.241.5000 General 6494 LATCHA ROAD WALBRIDGE OH 43465 Construction Management
S A STORER & SONS COMPANY Signatory 419.843.3133 Associate 3135 CENTENNIAL ROAD SYLVANIA OH 43560 Mason Contractor
S&S DIRECTIONAL BORING, LTD Signatory 419.630.0726 Associate 01116 CO ROAD 17 BRYAN OH 43506 Underground Boring Services
SAYLOR’S, INC. Signatory 734.856.4979 Associate 8751 WHITEFORD ROAD OTTAWA LAKE MI 49267 Exterior Plastering Company http://WWW.SAYLORINC.COM
SHUMAKER, LOOP & KENDRICK, LLP 419.241.9000 Affiliate 1000 JACKSON STREET TOLEDO OH 43624 Law Firm http://WWW.SLK-LAW.COM
SIELER CONSTRUCTION, INC. Signatory 517-486-3050 General 1119 E/ U.S. 223 Blissfield MI 49228 Sieler Construction, Inc. was formed in 2004 and has continuously provided union commercial and industrial contracting services in NW Ohio and SE Michigan, among other areas. The family-owned business exceeded $5M in sales in 2017.
SIGNATURE BANK, N.A. 419-841-7773 Affiliate 4607 W. Sylvania Avenue Toledo OH 43623 Signature Bank, N.A. is proud of their experienced team that can customize banking solutions based on the unique needs of their business. Signature's seasoned employees take time to learn about each client and provide solutions to make banking the easiest part of running the business. They provide a high level of personal service with local decision making supported by their local operations and technology. They offer a wide array of products and services to meet client's deposit and lending needs.
SPARTAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. Signatory 419-389-1854 Associate 2021 Mescher Drive Monclova OH 43542 Incorporated in 1980, Spartan Construction has provided masonry subcontracting services to local general contractors on thousands of projects in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Masonry construction services include: unit masonry, masonry veneer, masonry alterations and renovations.
THE DELVENTHAL COMPANY Signatory 419.244.5570 General 3796 ROCKLAND DRIVE MILLBURY OH 43447 General Contractor http://WWW.THEDELVENTHALCO.COM
THE DOTSON COMPANY Signatory 419.877.5176 General 6848 PROVIDENCE STREET WHITEHOUSE OH 43571 General Contractor http://WWW.DOTSONCOMPANY.COM
THE LATHROP COMPANY Signatory 419.893.7000 General 28 N. St. Clair Street, Suite 200 Toledo OH 43604 General Contractor/Construction Management http://WWW.TURNERCONSTRUCTION.COM
THE SPIEKER CO. Signatory 419-872-7000 General 8350 Fremont Pike Perrysburg OH 43551 With 40 years of construction experience, The Spieker Company specializes in commercial healthcare, retail, education, athletics, housing, municipalities and telecommunications. Services offered include: Interior & Site Demolition, Cast In Place Concrete, Rough & Finish Carpentry, Masonry Renovations, Drywall & Acoustical Installation, Specialized/Unique Installations.
TOLEDO CAISSON CORPORATION Signatory 734.854.8118 Associate 6275 CONSEAR ROAD OTTAWA LAKE MI 49267 Caisson & Piling Contractor
TOLEDO FENCE & SUPPLY COMPANY 419.535.6833 Associate 2525 HILL AVENUE TOLEDO OH 43607 Fencing Contractor http://WWW.TOLEDOFENCE.COM
TOLEDO MIRROR & GLASS COMPANY Signatory 419.241.3151 Associate 103 AVONDALE AVENUE TOLEDO OH 43604 Glass & Glazing Contractor http://WWW.TOLEDOMIRROR.COM
TRI STATE INDUSTRIAL FLOORS Signatory 419.727.4900 Associate 1302 EXPRESSWAY DRIVE TOLEDO OH 43608 Flooring Contractor http://WWW.TRI-STATEFLOORING.COM
TRUST COMPANY FAMILY OFFICES 419.865.8778 Affiliate 1630 TIMBERWOLF DRIVE HOLLAND OH 43528 Investment/Trust Company
TTL ASSOCIATES, INC. 419.324.2222 Affiliate 1915 NORTH 12TH STREET TOLEDO OH 43604 Environmental/Safety Testing http://WWW.TTLASSOC.COM
USI 419.243.1191 Affiliate One SeaGate, Suite 1850 TOLEDO OH 43604 Insurance Company http://WWW.BROOKSINSURANCE.COM
VALLEY INTERIOR SYSTEMS Signatory 419-425-2228 Associate 19551 N. Dixie Hwy. Bowling Green OH 43402 Interior Contractor http://WWW.VISOHIO.COM
VAN TASSEL CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION Signatory 734.856.7900 General P. O. BOX 698 SYLVANIA OH 43560 General Contractor
VM SYSTEMS, INC. Signatory 419.535.1044 Associate 3125 HILL AVENUE TOLEDO OH 43607 HVAC/Sheet Metal Contractor http://WWW.VMSYSTEMSINC.COM
WATERFORD BANK, N.A. 419-720-3914 Affiliate 3900 N. McCord Road Toledo OH 43617 Waterford Bank, N.A. provides commercial lending for working capital, equipment and real estate financing, corporate cash management and treasury services. Celebrating 10 years in business in August of 2017, all banking decisions are made locally.
WILLIAM VAUGHAN CO. 419-891-1040 Affiliate 145 Chesterfield Lane Maumee OH 43537 Accounting, Consulting
ZIMMERMAN PAINT CONTRACTORS COMPANY Signatory 419.332.7009 Associate 2710 HAYES AVENUE FREMONT OH 43420 Painting Contractor http://ZIMMERMANPAINT.COM